Monitor housings

An external monitor housing can be connect to all underwater housings. The external monitor comes with 3.6″, 16:9 screen. It has an internal power supply with rechargeable batteries and a running time of approximately 6 hours. The AV input is PAL/NTSC compatible. The monitor cable can be as long as 50 metres.

Two monitors can be operated in parallel, although weaker signal strength will be experienced and the screens become a little darker. This system allows external monitoring of the camera function and for appropriate instructions to be given to the camera operator from a remote location. It has proven useful in the monitoring and documentation of underwater work, and in live broadcasts at events.

Swiveling M67 adapters

Swiveling M67 adapter mount
Every underwater photographist knows the problem of needing a wider or more detailed field
of view because the focal length of the lens is limited. This BS Kinetics swiveling adapter
mount solves that problem. With this adapter it´s very easy to use an extra lens if needed
while being underwater.If it´s not needed you just can swivel it.
The adapters are made-to-order from durable, light-weight ABS plastic and seawater-
resistant aluminium. They offer an industry-standard 67mmthread and allows you to connect
a large variaty of lenses like macro and wide-angle. This a huge advantage while
photographing with a macro-lens because the image is more detailed.
Beside using ancillary lenses you can also use filters like red- or magentafilters. So you are
able to react quickly on changing light conditions because water absorbs the light from the red
components already in shallow depths. Avoid grey-blue pale images and add the missing
color by using a red filter.You will be pleasantly surprised by the result!
BS Kinetics offers swiveling adapters for its portsystems. Fitting swiveling adapters for thirdparty
manufacturers can be offered on demand.

Close-up lenses

Close-Up Lenses
It´s quite popular using close-up lenses in the underwater photo- and videography. They can normally be attached using an M67 thread directly to the housing and can be changed while being underwate.

Macro, wide angle and fisheye lenses are available. An M67 red filter can be used with all of these lenses. Magnification is doubled if you use two macro lenses. Thanks to constant advances in technology, newer and better lenses are being marketed all the time.

In order to bring the capabilities of the M67 wide angle lens to professional video cameras and digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, BS Kinetics has developed a special adapter ring. This is placed on the port, and the ancillary lens is simply attached thereafter.

This attachment is available for ports made by other manufacturers too. Ask us about them!


You can see the view of the camera viewfinder in an underwaterhousing by using a separate viewfinder attachment. Its size may hinder the view of the camera´s monitor.

The viewfinder is placed inside the underwater housing and secured with lock nuts. The user can simply remove it and store it elsewhere when transporting equipment. BS Kinetics has the following four viewfinders on offer:

Standard viewfinder

This viewfinder is included with the underwater housing. It reduces the view on the camera’s viewfinder. Approximately 90% of the viewfinder image is visible.

45° viewfinder

This INON wide angle viewfinder enables a view on the viewfinder for angles less than 45°. It has a 90° rotation, so presents no problem with portrait-orientated shots. The INON viewfinder enlarges the viewfinder image, thus improving visibility.

180° viewfinder

This INON viewfinder also enlarges the viewfinder image. The viewfinder increases the distance between the housing and the photograph’s face, giving the photographer a better overview of the situation.

180° viewfinder with diopter adjustment

In addition to the 180° viewfinder, this viewfinder has a diopter adjustment, also by INON. It is possible to adjust the sharpness of the viewfinder underwater. The viewfinder also increases the image on the camera viewfinder, thus facilitating visibility.

Nano Focus Light (with flash sensor)

To avoid disturbing hot-spots on your picture, the light will be switched of automatically with a flash recognition sensor for about 2 seconds during the exposure.

Together with the delivered bracket and an optional “clog shoe”-adaptor you can attach the Nano Focus Light on all underwater housings with hotshoe.

Technical Specifications:

Burn time: approx. 8 hours
Power source: 4 x AAA (rechargeable) battery
Color temperature: 7,500 Kelvin
Maximum operating depth: 100 m / 330 ft
Dimensions: 3.6 x 13.3 cm
Weight: approx. 60 g

Flash and buoyancy arms

BS Kinetics GmbH offers a great variety of flash and buoyancy arms. These are also made of carbon fiber and extremely light. The flash arms simply connected to the housing with a T-piece or directly with a ball.

The flash arms come in different lengths and are offered as standard arm with two joints or in the professional version with three joints.

The diameter of the ball is 25mm and the diameter of the flash arms is 29 mm. Of course, we have all separate parts and accessories for the flash arms. Special lengths can be made by request.


For our underwater housings we offer various transportation cases. These transportation cases can be fitted to the needs of the diver. The plastic foam inlay can be cut to fit the diver’s equipment and everything can be securely stored in its place.

The large models have wheels and a telescopic handle to make transportation easier.

All models are airtight, water- and dustproof and can be secured with a padlock. A pressure-air-release system enables easy opening.

Thread plates for tripod

Special thread plates for tripod attachments are available for all underwater video housings. The plate is mounted directly under the housing next to the standard grip handle. The underwater thread plate has standard A1/4 and B3/8 screws holes.

Handle bars

For photo camera housings there are corresponding carrying and fastening handles.

These are simply screwed to the hand grips and enable easy carrying of the housings.

It is also possible to mount additional T-stones or flash arm balls. This way more lamps or flashes can be fastened.

The handle also protects the underwater housing from getting hit in the rough world of diving. Additionally BS Kinetics offers a metal case for taring the housing with lead.

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