Description :

The underwater housing Atacama is specially developed further for the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K and the Cinema Camera. It ́s built out of highly resistant carbon like all the housings of BS Kinetics. Because of the resulting light weight and the high density, the underwater housing only weighs 2,5 kg. The small weight is paired with elegant, practical design and professional features.

The camera is controlled mechanically by using different buttons on the backside and wheels on both sides. Additionally to the camera buttons the touchscreen can be controlled. That is possible because of the controls on the side, which use tilting movements for changing settings like ISO or colour temperature.

There is an additional zoomwheel built in the port, so it ́s possible to install two gear rims, one for focussing and one for zooming.

Fitting the camera in the housing is achieved easily via a slide. The camera is screwed onto the slide and then pushed into the housing. There is an additional space over the camera for mounting an optional rechargable battery to increase the supplied power. The size of the battery mustn ́t be over 210mm x 46mm x 127mm (WxHxD). It is installed via the tripod screws on top of the camera. On request we offer individual holders for the accumulator you are using. The supplied handlebar offers optimal ergonomics and the possibility to mount optional video lights.

The underwater housing has two secured quick release latches for efficient opening and closing of the underwater housing. One main O-ring seals the two halves of the housing. Thanks to innovative lip design, this O-ring does not need to be greased.

Low maintenance involves simple cleaning with water.

Technical Details :

Dimensions (W/H/D)

230mm x 222mm x 137mm

Curb weight in water

3100 g positive

Diving depth

80 meters, on request up to 160 meters

Port pane

Mineralglas or PMMA (not included)

Camera control



Monitor of the camera

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Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, Cinema Camera

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