Description :

BS Kinetics, from Baden in Germany has developed DuoDive as a 3D underwater housing. It is compatible with all small (consumer) camcorders from SONY (all models with a LANC port or AV/R remote terminal jack) such as the CX760 or models with multiport like the PJ780 and all smaller versions of the Canon Camcorder with an inbuilt LANC terminal. This underwater housing helps you produce professional stereoscopic underwater images.

The carbon fibre housing has a net weight of 3.8 kg and measures 300*150*310 mm in size. It can accommodate a camera up to 200 mm long.

As with all underwater housings made by BS Kinetics, the front port is made of glass. A swivel-type red filter has been integrated into the port. When travelling, the port and the LED display are protected against scratching by a protective cover.

This housing comes with LANC controls especially developed for stereoscopic (3D) applications, which enables synchronous drive control of both camcorders. The housing is suitable for Sony and Canon camcorders which have an integrated LANC terminal (in the form of a 2.5 mm LANC jack or AV/R remote terminal jack found in all new SONY camcorders). This feature allows the flexibility of controlling different camcorders.

The controls enable complete menu navigation (for all SONY camcorders produced since January 2009). All camcorder functions can be accessed using cursor control (e.g. white balance, exposure, time lapse, and all camcorder settings). There is also an extra white balance button which functions with all SONY camcorders and has a MyMenu application feature.

A 3.6″ TFT colour display gives a preview of the shot. The display is battery-powered and lasts for up to 8 hours. The battery status icon is displayed on the LED and reminds the user in advance when to recharge. At the press of a button the display can switch between the images from the left and right cameras.

Another option available is the 3.5″ OLED. This is impressive because of its larger viewing angle and the reflection-free images it achieves in sunlight.

Fitting the camcorder into the underwater housing is very straightforward. It is fixed onto a plate with tripod screws. Moveable stops allow exact parallel alignment of the cameras. The plate and cameras are then inserted by pushing them into the housing, and fixed into position. If required, wide angle or macro converters can be fitted directly onto the camcorders inside the housing. This means that lenses cannot be changed under water.

The underwater housing has two secured quick release latches for efficient opening and closing of the underwater housing. One main O-ring seals the two halves of the housing. Thanks to innovative lip design, this O-ring does not need to be greased.

Low maintenance involves simple cleaning with water, after which the underwater housing can be simply and safely closed again.

Every single housing manufactured is tested to a standard immersion depth of 80 metres. As with all underwater housings made by BS Kinetics, the tested immersion depth can be increased to 160 metres, without any additional weight gain or change in geometry to the housing being required.

The company digi-dat has exclusive distribution rights on this underwater housing, and can also give you detailed advice on all aspects of 3D photography. And of course, there are accessories such as lights, light arm bags and much more for sale too.

Technical Details :

Dimensions (W/H/D)

260mm x 300mm x 160mm

Curb weight in water

4100 g positive

Diving depth

80 meters, on request up to 160 meters

Port pane

Mineral glass

Camera control

LANC (Sony)

Infrared (Panasonic, Canon, JVC)


seperater 3,6 Zoll 16:9 LCD Monitor

Functions :

Sony Standard

ON/OFF; Tele, Wide, Rec, Menu, WB ( My Menu ), AF/MF

All BS KINETICS © housings and a large amount of accessory are available  at our premium-reseller :


  • Handlebar

  • Leak alerter

  • 1 O-Ring

  • Redfilter

  • Universal charger

  • Handbook

Suitable camera models sorted by year of publication :

Sony :
Because of the new AV multi connection no camera can be used.
Canon :

HF G25, HF G30

Sony :
CX 560, CX 570, CX 730, CX 740, CX 760, TD 20, NX 30, PJ 580, PJ 740
Sony :
CX 130, CX 360, CX 690, CX 700
Canon :
HF G10, HF S20, HF S21, HF S30, HF S200

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