Description :

The Karakun underwater housing was developed for consumer digital SLR camera models such as the Nikon D4 or the Canon EOS1D. Like all BS Kinetics camera housing, it is built using carbon fibre and epoxide resin, along with stainless steel, POM and saltwater-proof aluminium. These components can be used to make very light waterproof housing which can be used at a diving depth of up to 160m. Therefore, casing suitable for the purposes of technical divers can also be supplied.

Ergonomics is of utmost importance to BS Kinetics in their underwater housing. For this reason, the shutter, focus and AV button can all be operated using the right hand without letting go of the casing. Additionally, BS Kinetics allows users to adjust the housing’s shutter release by pulling and turning according to their personal requirements. This means it can be used as either a thumb-operated or trigger-operated shutter. The protruding parts of the casing can be folded away during transport to avoid damage.

The desired image is selected using the zoom, which is operated with the left hand. The camera’s most important functions – speed, aperture, shutter release and zoom – can all be used quickly and easily. All other operations are carried out using buttons or triggers on the back or top of the housing.

The waterproof housing has a standard viewfinder, which scales down the picture marginally, showing around 90% of the actual picture. It is attached to the posterior side of the housing and can be rapidly interchanged between a 45° viewfinder from Inon and a 180° viewfinder from Nauticam or Inon.

The viewfinder is embedded in plexiglas, making it easy for the photographer to see. A soft, silicon O-Ring with an advantageously thick cross section operates as the housing’s main sealing mechanism. An elevated bridge at the anterior side positions the two halves of the housing securely, preventing water from flowing in when it is opened. It is fastened using a secure quick-release function. BS Kinetics supplies ports suitable for all types of lenses and objectives with its underwater housing.

The ports are fastened by means of a bayonet mount and are available in five standard sizes: Standard port, macro port, dome port, fish-eye and super fish-eye port. The ports can be adapted to diverse lenses by means of distance rings corresponding to each kind. The port windows are made of mineral glass (flat ports) or plexiglas (dome ports). Certain fish-eye ports are also available with a coated glass window.

The camera is inserted into the underwater housing and secured onto a stage. The flash signal is transmitted to the flash connector by means of an accessory shoe on the housing. BS Kinetics uses either Nikonos V or S6 (for Canon models) as its standard flash connectors. If desired, a second flash connector can be built into the housing, and the integration of a socalled Heinrichs converter is also possible. Fibre optic cables are also available as a new option for flash transmission, allowing an optic flash to be connected in production. Black fibre flocking on the interior walls guards against flare. This flocking also absorbs any condensation or small leakages that may occur due to sand on the O-ring.

Every single housing manufactured is tested to a standard immersion depth of 80 metres. As with all underwater housings made by BS Kinetics, the tested immersion depth can be increased to 160 metres, without any additional weight gain or change in geometry to the housing being required.

Our underwater housings are distributed through various retail outlets. Housings are available for hire, and enquiries about these may be made at BS Kinetics. Accessories such as lights, light arms, and bags are also available.

Technical Details :

Dimensions (W/H/D)

225mm x 200mm x 140mm

Curb weight in water

2300 g positive

Diving depth

80 meters, on request up to 160 meters

Port connection

Bayonet 129 changing port

Port pane

Glass or PMMA

Camera control



Standard Viewfinder – upgradeable to other viewfinders

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Fact sheets :

Further Details :

  • Handlebar

  • Leak alerter

  • 1 O-Ring

  • Flatport

  • Standard viewfinder

  • Handbook

Suitable camera models sorted by year publication :

D2X (2004),  D3X(2007), D4 (2012)
EOS 1D Mark II (2004), EOS 1D Mark II N (2005), EOS 1D Mark III (2007), EOS 1 DX (2012)

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