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This BS Kinetics housing was developed for the Leica S-Series. It is built using carbon fibre and epoxy resin, along with stainless steel, POM and aluminium. These components can be used to make very light waterproof housing which can be used at a diving depth of up to 160m. The special hologram carbon fibre imparts a unique design to the housing.

The waterproof housing has a LiveView-Finder. It allows a free insight on the screen of the camera. It is attached to the posterior side of the housing. A soft, silicon O-Ring with an advantageously thick cross section operates as the housing’s main sealing mechanism. An elevated bridge at the anterior side positions the two halves of the housing securely, preventing water from dripping in when it is opened. It is fastened using a secure quick-release function.

The controls of the camera are easily manageable. Everything is reduced to the essential and there are no unnecessary functions. Shutter release, mode dial, and shutter speed are controlled by the right hand. The aperture on the back of the housing is also controlled by the right had via a wheel.

With the aid of the four function buttons all further functions can be controlled. The Joystick button is for the confirmation and is easily reachable on the right side. The back wheel is for the choice. Both functions are reachable with the right hand without letting go the handle bar. They allow a quick adjustment of the camera.

The flash synchro works manually via Nikonos V.

BS Kinetics supplies ports suitable for all types of lenses with its underwater housing. The ports can be adapted to diverse lenses by means of distance rings corresponding to each kind.

Low maintenance involves simple cleaning with water.

Technical Details :

Dimensions (W/H/D)

180mm x 190mm x 130mm

Curb weight in water

1320 g positive

Diving depth

80 meters, on request up to 160 meters

Port connection

Bayonet 138 changing port

Port pane

Glass or PMMA


Standard viewfinder – upgradeable to other viewfinders

Fact sheets :

Further details :

  • Handlebar

  • Leak alerter

  • 1 O-Ring

  • Fisheyeport for 12mm

  • Live viewfinder

  • Handbook

Suitable camera models sorted by year of publication :

Leica S

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