Description :

As the lightest and smallest underwater housing of the BS Kinetics product range the Model Namib was designed by BS Kinetics. With its weight of 1.8 kg and a size of 190 x 145 x 205 mm, it is easy to store in every dive luggage and will enable its owner unforgettable recordings from holiday trips.

Because of well fitting control elements cameras made by Panasonic, Sony (CX730 or PJ650), Canon or JVC can be operated. With the availability of four up to twelve buttons cameras can be operated completely depending on the type. Since not all cameras are showing full range functionality, control elements are available in corresponding grades. On customer demand mechanical access can be installed individually. Surveillance is possible by a direct view to the camera’s out and in place monitor display. For Sony camcorders from 2013 an additional multi adapter (VMC-AVM 1) is needed.

It is the only underwater housing unit of the BS Kinetics product range which is available as a light version offering a maximum operational depth of 40 meters.

The used composite material made of carbon fibre and epoxy resin, known from Formula One and light aircraft construction is showing the strength of steel offering the advantages of plast material at the same time. It is unputrescible, durable and resistant against sale water and UV resistant. The underwater housing has an integrated port offering an M67 thread. Therewith it is possible to attach converter lenses for macro as well as for wide angle recordings. The front port is fabricated from glass as it is at all BS Kinetics underwater housings. It is showing a positive buoyancy under water and will guarantee in along with an appropriate lighting system guarantee maximum fun while diving and unforgettable underwater recordings.
A side of converter lenses red filters, magenta filter and video lighting systems are available as accessory tools.

As a further option it is possible to connect a signal transmission of the video signal. Hence the underwater housing unit might be connected to a monitor. As signal the AV signal, HD(SDI) signal or HSMI signal might be transmitted by use of a network signal. Live broadcasting, stage directions or operational surveillance can be realized without efforts.

Assembling the camcorders into the underwater housing is very simple. They are attached to a tray by fixing the tripod screw.

The underwater housing has two secured quick release buckles for a fast opening and closing of the underwater housing. A main O-form seal ring is tightening both parts of the housing unit. Because of an innovative sealing geometry the seal ring does not have to be greased.

A simple rinsing with water is the only, minor maintenance procedure, which ensures, that the housing can be closed again fast and securely.

Sales of underwater housing are offered by our distribution partners. Rental units are available from BS Kinetics on request. Accessories such as light, light system arm, cases and much more are in stock, too.

Technical Details :

Dimensions (W/H/D)

190mm x 145mm x 205mm

Curb weight in water

1300 g positive

Diving depth

40 meters, on request up to 160 meters

Port connection

Flatport with M67 thread

Port pane

Mineral glass

Camera control

LANC (Sony and Canon)

Infrared (Panasonic, Canon, JVC)


Monitor of the camera

Functions :

Sony Standard

ON/OFF; Tele, Wide, Rec

Sony whitebalanced

ON/OFF; Tele, Wide, Rec/Photo, Toggel Rec/Photo, One Touch WB (Modelltyp spezifisch)

Sony advanced

ON/OFF; Tele, Wide, Rec/Photo, Toggel Rec/Photo, Guide Frame

Sony full version

ON/OFF; Tele, Wide, Rec/Photo, Toggel Rec/Photo, Guide Frame, AF/MF, MF+, MF-, Cursor, Menu/Ok


Tele, Wide, Rec, Photo, On Screen Display, On/Off , Cursor


Tele, Wide, Rec, Photo


Tele, Wide, Rec, Photo

Toggel Rec/Photo, Guide Frame, AF/MF, MF+, MF-, Cursor, Menu/Ok (Modellabhängig)

Fact sheets  :

Further details  :

Suitable camera models sorted by year of publication  :

Sony :
CX 220 CX 280, CX 320, CX400/410/430, CX 510, PJ220, PJ 320, PJ 420/430, PJ 510, PJ 650
Sony :
CX 190, CX200/210, CX 570, CX 730, CX740, CX 760, PJ200, PJ 580, PJ 740
Sony :
CX 130, CX360, CX 700

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