Description :

The Takla Makan underwater housing for high-end cameras such as the Canon XF105 or the Sony FX7 was originally developed for the Canon XM1. Even with large housings the benefits of carbon fibre as a material work to advantage. Because of its low weight and high tensile strength, the entire housing weighs less than 5,8 kg with a diving depth of up to 160 meters.

The low weight has been combined with an attractive yet practical design and professional features. One of the features of the underwater housing is a 3.6″, 16:9 display with an operating time of six hours, giving the photographer an optimum view from behind the lens at all times. The display is protected from water by the interchangeable port system, and the port can be adjusted accordingly when using ancillary lenses, which allows for images with crisp definition.

The camera is operated electronically using a remote control and mechanically using various controls, which can also be adapted, according to the customer’s requirements. Fitting the camera in the housing is achieved via a slide. The camera is screwed on to the slide and then pushed into the housing. The internal display is then connected to the camera’s AV output.

Another option available is the 3.5″ OLED. This is impressive because of its larger viewing angle and the reflection-free images it achieves in sunlight.

Because of its light-weight portability, high-powered video lighting systems can be used.

The need for bulky, unwieldy and buoyancy bodies falls away. Any residual positive buoyancy can be compensated for via a ballast system using standard ballasts, obviating the need for extra ballast which makes movement difficult. The underwater housing has a carrying handle which makes handling easier. We can incorporate custom-made extra features upon request.

One further option is connecting the video signal to a signal transmission device, for which the housing can have another display connected to it. The AV signal, the HD(SDI) signal, or the HDMI signal can then be transmitted via a network signal. Live broadcasts, stage directions and observation or surveillance functions can all be carried out in this way. (See the Live Broadcasts at the Eilat Photokina 2010 Fair.)

The underwater housing has three secured quick release latches for efficient opening and closing of the underwater housing. One main O-ring seals the two halves of the housing. Thanks to innovative lip design, this O-ring does not need to be greased.

Low maintenance involves simple cleaning with water, after which the underwater housing can be simply and safely closed again.

Every single housing manufactured is tested to a standard immersion depth of 80 metres. As with all underwater housings made by BS Kinetics, the tested immersion depth can be increased to 160 metres, without any additional weight gain or change in geometry to the housing being required.

Our underwater housings are distributed through various retail outlets. Housings are available for hire, and enquiries about these may be made at BS Kinetics. Accessories such as lights, light arms, and bags are also available.

Technical Details :

Dimensions (W/H/D)

190mm x 190mm x 190mm

Curb weight in water

3000 g positive

Diving depth

80 meters, on request up to 160 meters

Port pane

Mineralglas oder PMMA

Camera control

LANC (Sony)

Infrared (Panasonic, Canon, JVC)


seperate 3,6 inch 16:9 LCD monitor

Functions :

Sony Standard

ON/OFF; Tele, Wide, Rec/Photo, Troggel Rec/Photo, Guide Frame

Sony Special

ON/OFF; Tele, Wide, Rec/Photo, MF/AF, MF+, MF-, Iris, Shutter, Kelvin, Z. Speed, WB, Iris, Shutter


ON/OFF; Tele, Wide, Rec/Photo, MF/AF, MF+, MF-, Iris, Shutter, Kelvin, Z. Speed, WB, Iris, Shutter

Fact sheets :

Further details :

  • Handlebar

  • Leak alerter

  • 1 O-Ring

  • Redfilter

  • Universal charger

  • Handbook

Suitable camera models sorted by year of publication :

XF100 (2010), XF105 (2010), XM2 (2002)
FX7 (2006), V1 (2006)

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