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BS Kinetics©
Underwater housings

Quality built on passion - *Made in Germany

The BS Kinetics© GmbH in Achern (Baden) is specialized in constructing modern carbon underwater housings for all types of photo and video cameras including special constructions for the whole world of diving since 1998. The whole development and production process, from the construction through to the maturity phase of the underwater housings – “MADE IN GERMANY”- takes place inhouse in Achern.

 Also the quality check, the individual pressure and breaking test are performed inhouse before delivering the photo and video housings to the customer. All our underwater housings have been given the names of different deserts according to our high quality standards. This reflects our commitment to create a dry place for your photo and video cameras.

Foto Unterwassergehäuse

Underwater housings
for digital Photocameras

For DSLR- and Systemcameras from Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax, Leica and other brands.

Camera controls use Reed contacts in the underwater video housings. Reed contacts obviated the necessity for bushes in the housing, which resulted in the minimal use of O-rings. Specially developed controls are used for cameras with a LANC port. Nowadays menu control is also possible, as is white balance control for certain cameras. With other cameras, which don´t have a LANC, the infrared remote control is used.

All BS Kinetics© Photo Housings

*All prices refer to ready-to-dive underwater housings with a flat port.

BS Kinetics©
Underwater housings
in extrem conditions.

Used on dives in the ice of Spitzbergen and in the famous bay of Scapa Flow.

Underwater housings
for digital videocameras

Für Handycams und professionelle Broadcastkameras von Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC und anderen Herstellern.

The operating controls benefit from a double O-ring sealing arrangement and are therefore made a safe as possible. The seals are maintenance-free, but must be replaced after several years of use. Ergonomics is of utmost importance to BS Kinetics in their underwater housing. For this reason, the shutter, focus and AV button can all be operated using the right hand without letting go of the casing. The desired image is selected using the zoom, which is operated with the left hand. All other operations are carried out using buttons or triggers on the back or top of the housing.

Video UW Gehäuse

All BS Kinetics© Video Housings

*All prices refer to ready-to-dive underwater housings with a flat port.

Underwater housings
from carbon fibres

Low weight, easy care and almost indestructible

Our special underwater housings are made of high strength carbon fibres. Carbon fibres consist of atomic carbon chains which are spun into yarn and then woven into a fabric. The resultant material is known colloquially as carbon fibre. It occurs as soft, layered graphite sheet form in pencils and in incredibly hard crystalline form in diamonds in nature. It is present in sugar, and is also commonly encountered as fine soot, which in combination with water forms the basis of organic life on our planet.

Nowadays, more and more often, highly stressed parts are manufactured from carbon fibre. Its main application is in the areas of aviation, aerospace, motor sports, sports equipment, and wherever lightweight items capable of withstanding extremely high stress are required. The carbon fibre is capable of withstanding mechanical stress from strain, compression and bending. Epoxy resin is used to mould carbon fibre. It binds to the carbon-fibre fabric and gives it its shape.

It is the carbon fibre which gives the underwater housings from BS Kinetics mechanical properties similar to those of steel, whilst still retaining the advantages of plastic polymers. The composite material is corrosion resistant and chemical resistant and has anti-weathering and anti-aging properties. It is very lightweight, which offer a distinct advantage, particularly when flying, given baggage constraints.

By using multiple layers of carbon fibre, housings used by technical divers can be built, which are depth rated up to 160 m despite the much reduced thickness of material. Carbon fibre allows BS Kinetics to produce housings that are lightweight, yet manage to defy all the odds involved in diving. All other plastic components of the underwater housings are made of POM. This high-quality plastic has excellent technical properties and guarantees components long life. V4A, another marine grade material resistant to salt water, is used to make the operating controls.

Accessories for
Underwater housings

Best gear for underwaterphoto- & videographers

01. // Flash Systems

Appropriate flash or lighting systems are naturally part of every underwater photographer’s equipment, and the systems used will vary depending on the type of application and the environment.

The new camera models with their video functions give rise to the question as to whether a flash or lighting equipment should be used. The advantage of the flash is its high light intensity which allows you to freeze the action, whilst lighting systems allow faster autofocus and softer images.

Underwater flashes are divided into two categories: Amphibious flash lights, intended for use underwater only, or flashing housings for flash systems, which have the advantage of enabling you to use your existing land flash both on land and under water.

02. // Flat- & Domeports

A port is an optical interface between the lens and the water. Ports must be perfectly aligned to the lens to ensure a perfect image.

Flat ports are used for a focal length from about 28 mm (full frame) and larger, and are typical of the standard 18-55 (APS-C), 28-80 mm, or 14-42 four-thirds format lenses.

Compact dome ports are used for a focal length of 20-24 mm (full frame). Likewise, focal lengths lower than this will result in peripheral blur. Fisheye ports are used for focal lengths of 20mm; in the 20-24mm range corner sharpness will be improved, whilst peripheral blur could occur if the focal length is greater than 28mm.

03. // Videolight

For videographing underwater light plays an important role. New developments LED lighting systems are much cheaper and the light power to weight ratio is always better.

Since BS Kinetics produces no light systems themselves, we offer the following products. All lighting systems have a burning time of min. 60 minutes at full power. The illumination angle for underwater lights is bigger than 80 °.

When shooting two lamp heads should be used. Only then will the cast shadow formation is prevented under the objects. Depending on the weight of the lamp head, the lamps are mounted with flex arms or with video light arms.

04. // Housing Accessories

For all our underwater housings we also offer a variety of useful housing accessories in addition to ports, UW flashes and video light. Special lightning and buoyancy arms made of carbon provide numerous mounting options and ideal buoyancy of the underwater camera.

You can see the view of the camera viewfinder in an underwater housing by using a separate standard-, 45° degrees- oder 180°degrees viewfinder attachment, wich you can order from us.

In addition, we offer our UW housings made of carbon also external monitors, conversion lenses and folding adapters for various filters.

Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions about our underwater housings

Is there a BS Kinetics housing for my camera?

One of the advantages of BS Kinetics housings is the enormous flexibility. So the installation of nearly any camera is possible. Therefore we need your camera for about a week.

How to order a BS Kinetics underwater housing?

The order can be made directly by phone or e-mail.

Is the camera needed for the installation?

The cameras and sometimes additional equipment are needed for special fittings.

I have got a BS Kinetics housing but the camera doesn´t fit?

In case of electronic controlled video cameras made by Sony the successors can be mounted. Therefore the position of the mounting plate must be changed by using the mounting screw. In all other cases the conversion is only partly possible.

To how many meters the housings are leak-prove?

All cases are tested on 80 meters of water-depth (8 bar) within our standard quality assessment procedure. If desired we can upgrade the maximum depth up to 160 meters.

Can wide angle close-up lenses of the camera be used?

Yes. For mounting the close-up lens we need your camera and the corresponding lens for adjusting the housing.

Is the handle bar of the housings removable?

The handle bar is fastened to the case at the video cases with knurled screws and can be removed easily. 

Is the leakage warning signal visual or acoustic?

It is visual at the video housings with insight and the digital photo housings, it is acoustical at the analogous photo and video housings with LCD.

Which lenses can I use underwater?

There are three categories:

1) standard lenses
KIT lenses like the 18-55mm, 18-70mm or the 28-80mm at full format are the standard lenses of any photo equipment and can be used underwater. Because the near focal length is reduced to about 55 (80),this has to be seen as the limit. The problem of these lenses is the length while zooming. If the port would have the needed length that would result in vignetting in the wide angle area. That´s why the lens sometimes touches the glass while zooming. Lenses like the 18-200 mm doesn´t work! The standard lenses are the first step into the two further areas.

2) macro lenses
Classical lenses for underwater photography. Common macros are 50 (60) and 105 mm. Cameras with APS-C Sensor has a crop factor, that means that a 105mm lens becomes a 160mm lens. Underwater this can lead to some problems because there is no more depth of field. So it´s better using a 50mm macro in addition with a macro close up lens. Mostly the 50mm macro can be installed by using a standard port.

3) wide angle lenses
Second classical area of underwater photography. For almost any lens there is a port.

What kind of control is there for LANC?

According to the models from Sony and Canon camcorders, there are different Lanc control units. These differ in the software and by the hardware. Reprogramming of control to another version is not possible. It must be replaced the complete controller. For Sony camcorder since 2011, no data from the camcorders is shown on the external monitor. All Sony models not listed since 2014 can be only operated via a special multi-controller in the basic functions.

Which O-rings do I have to grease?

The main O-ring which seals the case halves is made of silicone and must not be greased. It is charged only by pressure. If you want to grease it only use grease for silicone O-rings. Other grease will destroy it. The O-rings of the ports from NBR must be greased since they are charged also on turn. Otherwise the O-ring tumbles itself when it is turned of the port from the groove.

How to care for the underwater housing?

After diving always clean the case with a lot of freshwater so that no salt crystals can form. Move all operating devices and press all buttons while doing that.

If no freshwater available, hold cases damp (wrap up into cloth) until freshwater is available.

Please do not use sharp cleaning agents, if necessary use commercial car polish to clean the case. If there is dust or sand in the case it can be wiped out with a damp cloth.

Clean the monitor insight and the port glass only with water and soap.

Please do not expose the housing to the blazing sun because the camera and the case can be damaged by the warmth arising inside. If the housing is not been used for longer please open the closures and remove main O-ring. Accumulators may be stored only in the full state and must be reloaded every 3 months.


Message to BS Kinetics

For all questions and concerns about our high-quality underwater housing “made in Germany”, we are happy to be available during our business hours by email or by phone. You will also find a secure contact form to direct inquiries directly to our employees right below.


    For a personal visit, you will find our company headquarters in Achern, near the A5 motorway (Karlsruhe / Basel), just a few kilometers from Strasbourg.


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